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Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley

1970 - 1980

1970. Elvis Presley sings the song during rehearsal (caught on the "That's The Way It Is" documentary). It's officially unreleased and available only as a bootleg. He changes lyrics but clearly knows the story well. Billy’s "three little children and a very sickly wife" become "three hundred little children and a very horny wife."

The Clash Wrong em Boyo

The Clash


Neil Diamond
Neil Diamond

1978. The Grateful Dead rewrite it with a modern perspective and include it on their "Shakedown Street" album. Members of the band still perform it live.

1979. The Clash. Paul Simonon (bass player) hears The Rulers version while the band is in Jamaica. At his suggestion they do it as "Wrong ‘em Boyo" on the London Calling album.

1979. Neil Diamond records a disco-influenced version.

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